Turn Your St. Patrick’s Day into a Pot of Gold at Comanche Nation Entertainment

No one really needs an excuse to wear green for a day, or run around pinching their friends, but if you were looking for one, St. Patrick’s Day is your day!

The man himself, St. Patrick, was a slave to Ireland, but when free, returned to help the people. He used the green shamrock to teach the Irish about the trinity and we’ve been wearing the clover every year since he died. While it started out about Saint Patrick, today the celebration is just as much about the people of Ireland and their vibrant culture, which includes leprechauns and kissing. And in case you wondered, green beer had nothing to do with it. But as luck will have it, America has added a few of her own St. Paddy’s Day traditions, and drinking beer happens to be one of them!

Here at Comanche, we wish you some good ‘ol Irish luck!  So come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us.


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