General Manager, Comanche Spur Casino

Bohone “Bo” Poorbuffalo serves as Comanche Spur Casino’s General Manager in Elgin, Oklahoma. As a proud member of the Comanche Tribe, he has nearly a decade of experience with Comanche Nation Entertainment and became the company’s youngest General Manager at 29 years old.

At Comanche Spur Casino, Bo is responsible for overseeing all casino departments and operations, including team members, day-to-day operations and customer experience. He strives to create a productive work environment for all Comanche Spur Casino employees, mentors and supports staff in professional and personal development and establishes company goals and expectations. Bo supervises all operating costs, budgets and ensures machine performance forecasts are operating above standard.

Bo’s expansive professional history within the gaming industry began shortly after he graduated from high school. Just shy of 20 years old, he started his first job in the vault and utility department at Apache’s Golden Eagle Casino in 2011. After two years of gaining experience and knowledge of the industry, Bo’s career brought him to join the CNE family in 2013.

Since joining CNE, he worked his way through nearly every department of casino operations across two different properties, including Comanche Nation Casino and Comanche Spur Casino. Over the span of six years, Bo served as a Main Bank Manager and Manager on Duty before being promoted to General Manager in 2021.

Within the first month of his promotion, Comanche Spur Casino and its surrounding areas suffered a massive flood after a series of disastrous thunderstorms struck with several feet of rainfall. The flood resulted in detrimental closures and thousands of dollars in property damage. Bo rallied up his team members and served right by their side throughout the restoration efforts. In the matter of five days, his team had the casino revitalized and open for business.

Since then, Bo has continued to lead his team with a family-like mindset to ensure equality and support amongst employees. His work ethic as General Manager starts and ends with serving hand-in-hand with his team members to prove that no matter what your title is, there is no job or task that falls outside of your capabilities.

Bo credits his success to his mother, as she has served as his support system and inspiration throughout his career. Originally from Lawton, Oklahoma, he now resides in Elgin where he spends his free time exploring the outdoors, visiting the local wildlife refuge and attending powwows with his mother.